Wabnitz ENT

Aftercare Following Cautery of Turbinates

Most children are back to normal activity levels within 24 hours of surgery, although some children take a few days to recover and it is perhaps best to keep children home from child care, kindergarten, or school for 2-3 days. If possible, it is best that they stay away from anyone with a cold or infection.

After the operation the turbinates will swell for a week or two before they scar up to a smaller size. It is often useful to use antibiotic ointment to the nose for a few days afterward, and also beneficial to use saline spray to clear any crusting from the nose.

Your child should not blow their nose for a few days after the surgery but may sniff. Some blood stained nasal discharge is acceptable. There should not be any bleeding from the mouth or nose after surgery. If bleeding occurs, take your child to the nearest Emergency Department or call an ambulance.

Most children have little if any pain. Paracetamol for a few days is all that is required. Avoid using aspirin or Nurofen after the operation.

Follow Up

A follow up appointment is usually booked for 4 weeks after surgery.